Mrs. Ventura likes the color yellow, coffee, iced tea, popcorn, nuts, reese’s, peanut M&M, Target, Amazon, Marshall’s and Panera!

Mrs. Amaro likes Target, Trader Joes, Amazon, cold brew coffee, popcorn, chocolate covered almonds, plants/flowers and all things gardening!

Mrs. Avila likes lemonade, starburst, sour patch kids, Target, Bakers, In-n-Out, Ulta, Old Navy, Amazon, Michael’s and Panera!

Ms. Garcia likes the color orange, pringles, hard candies, arnold palmer’s, Dodgers, Saints, Target, Amazon, Michael’s, and Barnes & Noble!

Ms. Mason likes the color purple, twizzlers, Black Forest organic gummy bears, Young Living essential oils, Target, Starbucks,Amazon,Sprouts & Trader Joe’s!

Ms. Abdelkader likes plants, dove dark chocolate, starburst, pringles, earrings, Target, Amazon, Starbucks and Ulta!

Miss Debbie likes matcha green tea, peppermint, cheese popcorn, kit-kat, trail bars, In-n-Out, Trader Joe’s, Amazon, Macy’s, Target, and Starbucks!

Miss Robin likes chocolate almonds, Reese’s peanut butter cups, chamomile tea, In-n-Out, 99 cent store, Starbucks, and Panera!