Robin Kerber – Preschool Director

“I am the Director of this quaint community Preschool. I have my Bachelor’s degree from the University of La Verne in Human Services, and have further education units and certificates in Early Childhood Education for working with young children.
We have a wonderful staff. They have the perfect personalities to work with your children. Patience, creativity, flexibility and a sense of humor!! Thank you for choosing the First United Methodist Preschool of Upland.”

Wendy Allen – Room 1 Yellow Apron Teacher

“I love my important role as a Preschool Teacher. Every day brings unexpected fun learning experiences. My goal is to instill a positive attitude towards education.”

Stacy Ventura – Yellow Apron Assistant Teacher

“I enjoy watching children discover and create. I love reading with them and watching them use their imaginations. Their smiles and hugs are priceless.”

Melanie Mason – Room 2 Blue Aprons PreK Teacher

I love teaching because I love seeing the faces of each child as they learn something new! Children have always held a special place in my heart and I’ve always known being a teacher is what I’ve been destined to do!”

Intisar Abdelkader – Blue Apron Assistant Teacher

Working with kids is very rewarding. Helping a child to feel comfortable in the classroom brings me joy. Giving them the care and the love that they deserve and listening to their precious stories makes me smile. “

Tammy Avila – Room 4 Green Apron PreK Teacher

” I love teaching preschool because I enjoy watching the children get excited about learning and trying new things.  Plus where else can you be a kid all day.”

Victoria Garcia – Green Apron Assistant Teacher

“I really enjoy watching the children progress throughout the year. They enter the year uncertain, but by the end of the year, they are making friendships and learning how to communicate with each other and teachers.”

Susan Nicholson – Purple Apron Teacher

“I love teaching and working with little ones! They are eager to learn and try new things. They fill my heart with happiness!”

Courtney Brown – Purple Apron Assistant Teacher

“It’s always been a dream of mine to work in a preschool, I love watching children explore and connect to the world around them. It’s amazing how as we are teaching them if we allow it they will teach us in return.”

Debbie Roppel – Office Manager

“From the minute a new family enters our school, I enjoy showing them that this new beginning is going to be a great experience!”