Hello Yellow Aprons! Spring is in the air!

March was a busy month for the Yellow Aprons. Our St. Patrick’s Day activities were themed very green and lots of fun! We made green shamrocks for our art projects. We were amazed at the mess the leprechauns made in our classroom! We had fun hunting for gold and shamrocks!

We learned all about transportation and created art projects which included: cars, trains, airplanes, kites, and boats. We also enjoyed our snack on a pretend airplane ride. We had a good time flying our kites outdoors and feeling the wind on our faces. We played red light/green light. We held onto our big steering wheels and went driving during our outdoor play. Transportation was a topic the Yellow Aprons really enjoyed!

The children had a great time outdoors hunting for Easter eggs in the grass area at school! So much excitement and fun!

I want to thank all the parents who attended (on the phone) parent/teacher conferences. I really enjoyed speaking with you and I appreciated you taking the time to speak with me. Each child in my classroom holds a special place in my heart.

I hope every one of you had a wonderful spring break!

Our Open House theme will be “Commotion in the Ocean!”. We will learn about several ocean animals and their habitats. We will participate in activities such as: float and sink experiments, measuring and fishing! How many fish did you catch? We will create an imaginary sea creature (made of Model Magic Modeling air dry clay) and an ocean in a bottle!

Our “Art Appreciation” corner this month will display the painting titled “El Vendador De Alcatraces” (Vendor of the Calla Lillies) by artist Diego Rivera.

Our new number this month is the number (8) and our new shape is the oval. Our colors will be the pastel colors of Spring.

Happy Earth Day on Thursday, April 22nd! We want to thank God for all the colors of the earth and for creating our planet!

Hugs and Kisses,

Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Ventura