Happy Fall!  The school year has begun, and the children seem to be loving school.  The morning seems to be running smoothly.  Thank you for your understanding while waiting your turn in the morning as I greet each child.

Mrs. Dubasik and I are extremely thankful for all the freezer bags, shaving cream, expo markers, Kleenex boxes, and much more. We are off to a great year!

Start your engines! We are getting ready for our Grand-Prix Fundraiser! Which will be held 10/12. We will be painting with cars, making cars and lots of fun art crafts! We can’t wait to see you and our blue aprons go! Vroom vroom.

August and September came and went and so far, the children seem to enjoy the planned activities and feel comfortable with the daily routines.  The children are writing their name with ease and we are so very proud of them. Great job Blue Aprons!

In September, we discovered the apple has five parts, the stem, skin, flesh, seeds and core. We got to taste different colored apples and discuss which ones we like better. We used apples to stamp and make an apple tree, we used apples to do a science experiment with baking soda and vinegar! So much fun.

During this month we will learn and discuss facts and enjoy fun activities about bats, spiders, candy corn and our favorite pumpkins!  We will decorate our classroom with fun artwork. We will talk about Halloween safety as well.  At the end of the month our first classroom celebration/parade will be scheduled for Wednesday, October 30th and Thursday, October 31st.   The children may wear a costume on these days.  (Please NO masks, scary costumes or toy weapons).

A BIG THANK YOU to the families who have volunteered their time to cut out the alphabet letters for the year.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

Friendly reminders: 

  • If you haven’t done so, please send in a Ziploc bag with extra clothing. 
  • If your child’s birthday is this month, please let me know if you would like to bring in a special snack

With lots of love,

Miss Mason and Mrs. DenDekker-Dubasik