Happy May! 

Can you believe this is the LAST month of school? The school year went by so fast! Summer will be here soon then your pre-K(ers) will be off to kindergarten! Yay! So exciting. We can all write our names in lowercase letters, we are almost done with the whole alphabet recognizing upper and lower case letters. We can identify our colors and shapes too. I am so proud of my blue aprons. 

This month we will be going over themes such as, farm, bugs & zoo! What type of animals live on a farm? Which bugs scare miss mason the most? (Ha) just kidding! What zoo animals are your favorite? Lots of conversations the next few weeks. 

With the warmer days ahead of us, my blue aprons love playing with water and making dirt pies. Which means we are changing our clothes a lot! Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes for your child and to bring them back when we change them into them. On the last day of school, we will send all of your children’s belongings back home. 

The last few weeks of school get really exciting but sometimes we need reminders from our teachers and parents. Reminders to have our listening ears on at school, to remember to be kind and share, and to follow the classroom rules. Sometimes when we are having so much fun we forget, and that’s okay! Sweet quick reminders to your children  are always helpful to us. Thank you so much in advance. 

Parents, thank you for your constant support during these times. I wish nothing but success and happiness to your children! 

So much love and big hugs, 

Miss Mason and Ms. Abdelkader